Agent Code Of Conduct

ISMT, a certified Australian training provider, strictly adheres to the ESOS Act and National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students (National Code), as set forth by the Australian Government. Our college enforces ethical and professional conduct amongst all education agents and recruiters, ensuring transparency, confidentiality, and impartiality in all dealings.

At ISMT, we uphold high standards for our agents to guarantee that overseas students receive accurate and genuine information about the courses and services we offer. We are dedicated to safeguarding our students’ interests and will take rigorous action against any breach of the National Code or ESOS Act by our authorized education agents.

Choose ISMT for a dependable and trustworthy education provider in Australia. Rest assured, you will receive quality education and exceptional service throughout your academic journey with us.

This Legislative Framework includes:

  • ESOS Act 2000
  • ESOS Regulations 2001
  • ESOS Charges and Levies Acts
  • The National Code 2018

Agent Responsibilities

  1. Agents must ensure they have appropriate knowledge and understanding of the ISMT Code of Ethics for International Education and Training Agents and take steps to ensure that they and any of their staff are fully informed of any changes to the National Code as they may occur from time to time.

  2. Agents ensure that the recruitment of students is always done in an ethical and responsible manner and consistent with the requirements of the relevant course or curriculum as detailed in ISMT marketing materials. Agents do not knowingly recruit or attempt to recruit students where this conflict with Standard 7 (Overseas student transfers) of the National Code.

  3. Ensure to assist students to apply for an Australian Student Visa for the purposes of living in Sydney or Perth and to complete their course at ISMT as per the conditions included in their respective visa and other legal requirements. Agents do not engage in dishonest practices including counselling students that they can arrive in Australia on a student visa with a primary purpose other than that of study.

  4. The Agent agrees to ensure that all student selection decisions comply with equal opportunity legislation.

  5. Agents must ensure students receive accurate and current information about ISMT, including campus locations, facilities, English requirements, course and tuition fees.

  6. The Agent undertakes to follow the enrollment procedures as published by ISMT and to make available all original applicant documentation to ISMT upon request.

  7. Agents must ensure to keep all applicant information collected as part of the application and enrolment process secure. Agents take all necessary steps to ensure that the handling and disclosure of all personal information complies with ISMT’s privacy policy and the relevant Australian state and federal privacy legislation.

  8. ISMT expects all agents to ensure that their marketing is both professional and accurate. The following Marketing Standards must be adhered to:

  • Clear identification of ISMT’s name and CRICOS number in all written and electronic marketing material.
  • Agents are prohibited from providing false or misleading information or advice regarding employment outcomes associated with a course, possible migration outcomes, or any claims of associations between providers.
  • All marketing materials used must include the ISMT logo and be approved by the Director/CEO before printing, publishing, or delivering in any form to the marketplace.
  • All advertising and marketing materials aimed at the international student market should contain ISMT’s logo, ABN, RTO ID, CRICOS Provider Number, CRICOS Course Code, and course descriptors for CRICOS courses containing the course CRICOS number and the qualification code.
  • Students must be informed about the cost of living in Australia and their accommodation options.
  • Education agents representing ISMT must confirm that they have never been convicted of engaging in dishonest or deceptive practices.
  • ISMT recommends that authorized agents visit the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) website for updates and visa enquiries.
  • These Marketing Standards ensure that ISMT maintains a high level of professionalism and integrity in its marketing practices.