Become ISMT Partner

ISMT partners with reputable and established education agencies worldwide to recruit a diverse range of international students for our college programs. Our agent partners are instrumental in our efforts to attract talented students to our institution and maintain the highest academic standards.

Process To Become An Agent

At ISMT, we take great care in selecting our representatives. We have a stringent screening process in place that ensures our agents uphold impeccable business practices, prioritize top-notch customer service, and share our passion for excellence in education.

If your agency is interested in partnering with ISMT, the first step is to complete our online agent profile. Once you submit your profile, one of our market specialists will contact you with further details. We believe that by working together, we can provide students with the best possible education and opportunities for their future. Join us in our mission today!

Agent Application Process

• Fill out the Agent application form completely and include all required information and documentation.

• Your application will be evaluated and reference checks will be conducted by the marketing team at ISMT.

• Upon approval, you will be required to sign an agreement between yourself and ISMT.

• As a new Agent Partner, you will receive a copy of the agreement, an Agent Welcome Package containing information on ISMT  programs, policies, and procedures, as well as on-going training and support throughout the duration of your contract.

* Please note that agent performance is reviewed annually.

Online Agent Application Form