Agent Information

Become a ISMT College Partner

ISMT College works in partnership with reputable and well-established education agencies from all over the world. Our agent partners are integral in helping us to recruit a diverse group of international students for our college programs.

Process to Become an Agent

To become an agent at ISMT  College, all representatives undergo a screening process. We look for unimpeachable business practices, top-notch customer service and a desire for excellence and education.

If your agency would like to establish a partnership with ISMT College, the first step is to fill in the on-line agent profile below. Once the profile has been completed, one of our market specialists will contact you with further details.

Agent Application Process

  • Complete the Agent application form. Include all required information and documentation.
  • Evaluation of the application and reference checks conducted by ISMT  College marketing team.
  • When an agent is approved, there is a signing of a agreement between the agent and ISMT College.
  • New Agent Partners will receive a copy of the agreement; our Agent Welcome Package that includes ISMT College
    programs, policies, and procedures; on-going training/support throughout the length of contract; and application.

*Please note that agent-performance is reviewed annually.