7 Easy Steps To Get Into ISMT College!

This comprehensive guide is all you need before applying to one of Australia's leading colleges.

This comprehensive guide is all you need before applying to one of Australia’s leading colleges.

Australia is like seventh heaven for international students, especially for Indian and South Asian students. Internationally accredited universities and courses, friendly student visa and PR system, lucrative career opportunities for international students, vibrant city life, scenic landscapes and multiculturalism are a few of the many factors that attract students from the globe to pursue higher education in the Land of Oz.

Lead College is not just one of Australia’s but one of the world’s leading education providers in: 

● Automotive

● Building and construction 

● Business

● Children services 

● Community services 

● Hospitality 

● Information Technology

Lead College leads you to your dream career and prepares you for the outside world by equipping you with real-world skills. Once you earn your diploma or certification from any of the Lead’s top-class campuses located in the heart of Sydney and WA, you become job-ready and become a part of a prestigious global alumni network.

All the courses offered by Lead College are interactive, rigorous and are taught by highly learned and experienced faculty. 

Lead College’s packaged courses are its USP. As an international student, you have the freedom to choose your modules and customise the course to your liking and unique interests. The hands-on and interdisciplinary curriculum is aligned with industry requirements. 

If these reasons aren’t enough to entice you into getting into Lead College, then here are 4 more!

1. Recognised Qualification
As an international student, it is imperative to pursue a course from CRICOS accredited university since that can get you a PR and job. Lead’s courses are nationally recognised with CRICOS registration and are hence ideal courses for international students.

2. Quality Education and Assurance 
Lead College strives to provide top-notch education and is committed to complying with all quality standards, e.g. The Standards for Registered Training Organisations and the ESOS National Code.

3. Academic Support 
From literacy to numeracy,  Lead College offers an array of assistance programs before the induction to your course. Few of the many support programs include:

● One on One academic support from our trainers/assessors and academic managers.

● Referral to relevant external services and counselling. E.g. English Proficiency Training.

4. Welfare Services 
Lead’s welfare services follow a three-forked approach; direct, referral and information/advice.

You are eligible for support in medical issues, accommodation, legal issues, counselling, financial matters, crisis services, disabilities and equity issues. 

Now that you know the merits of pursuing a course from Lead College, here is your guide for getting into the same: 

● Step 1: Check Requirements 
Check the entry requirements for the course you wish to apply for and the student visa.

● Step 2: Apply
Submit your online application form, academic credentials, English Language Requirements( if applicable) to your agent or Lead College.

● Step 3: Receive your letter of offer
You may have to submit further evidence mentioned in the conditional offer letter.

Step 4: Payment
Pay the prepaid fees as stated in the letter of offer before issuing the confirmation of enrolment (COE).

● Step 5: Apply for OSHC
Apply for Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) yourself or arrange through the Lead College/agent. This must be obtained before applying for your student visa.

Step 6: Receive your confirmation enrollment

Upon meeting all requirements, you will receive your confirmation enrollment.

Step 7: Apply for a student visa

We hope this guide addresses and clarifies all your doubts. You are one step away from boosting your career prospects, sharpening your industry knowledge and landing your dream career with Lead College. 


Lead College is a best Registered Training Provider with multiple courses designed to help students gain qualifications, skills, and knowledge in areas that match their talents and desires. We offer courses in various fields such as Automotive, Building Construction & Carpentry, Community Services, Business Administration, Early Childhood Education, Hospitality, Leadership & Management, Information Technology & Network Security.